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Talent Ignition Partners, LLC





Talent Ignition Partners, LLC

Talent Management & Business Development Consultancy

"Igniting your Teams is the Key to Success"

Talent Ignition Partners, LLC (“TIP”) is committed to providing its clients a consultative methodology creating measurable results. The human capital landscape is changing, and we are here to help navigate and stay ahead of the trends. Our goal is to solve the challenges in today’s hyper-competitive market by identifying pain points and removing obstacles with a seamless and proactive approach.   TIP’s goal is to assist clients in building a dynamic and exciting business development culture that link results to their business strategies.

We are your partner in reigniting and unlocking your talent’s amazing potential.  We are passionate about identifying innovative business development strategies and creatively working with your critical talent to leverage their strengths.  This is genuinely what excites us about how and what we do in today’s world.  Our enthusiasm combined with our pragmatic approach and metric-driven action is our differentiator.

  • Provide business development and prospecting expertise to enhance your existing sales efforts

  • Insure your team has the right tools for intuitive analytics and effective research 

  • Retention of high potential revenue contributors

  • Coaching strategies to create a highly engaged workforce focusing on cross-team collaboration

  • Work creatively by providing solutions to differentiate your unique company brand

  • Recommend strategies for scalable talent attraction for domestic and global organizations

  • Build out best-in-class robust internship and referral initiatives to attract top tier talent

  • Leverage experts in multiple industries for analysis in all areas of your organization

About the Founder

Maureen is an award-winning Business Executive recognized for her leadership ability, quantifiable business results, and achievements in diversity and inclusion. She is widely acknowledged for her turnaround tactics leading teams to high performance results and implementing corporate-wide training initiatives for global organizations.  CEO’s and Sales Leaders are widely receptive in allowing her to deliver against specific and measurable results. Her data and reporting have high impact. Maureen and partners are fully capable and agile to assess and deliver real-time actionable results. This is business critical in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

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Tel:  212-472-4435

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