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Talent Ignition Partners, LLC

Maureen Kuehhas

President & Founder

President & Co-Founder Lemonade Training Edge, LLC

Maureen is an award-winning Business Executive recognized for her leadership ability, quantifiable business results, and achievements in diversity and inclusion. She is widely acknowledged for her turnaround tactics leading teams to high-performance results and implementing corporate-wide training initiatives for global organizations.  CEO’s and Sales Leaders are widely receptive in allowing her to deliver against specific and measurable results. Maureen and partners are able to assess and deliver actionable measurable results. This is business critical in today’s competitive landscape.


Maureen business values are rooted in her philosophy that sustainable success is achieved by tying results specifically to the short and long-term revenue needs of the organization. Maureen and her partners are highly respected for their astute business acumen and agile business results and non-traditional approaches in evaluating business challenges. 


They work with you to gain competitive advantages by measuring sales performance, evaluating and recommending ways to fill talent quickly and address world-wide talent gaps that all organizations face today such as Sales, IT and Analytical roles. This includes strong C-Suite level engagement and coaching for success.


We reinforce the CEO’s vision by working with their teams' abilities to remain agile and develop into intrapreneurs; these are the cornerstone of TIPs superior programs.  Maureen and her partners have created the Edge needed for differentiating companies against their competition.  TIP & LTE developed in partnership to offer clients customizable solutions that are game changers in the global marketplace. 


Along with her partners, she can deliver unique and authentic programs to sales teams, newly promoted managers, senior leadership teams, and individuals in need of one-on-one coaching. Diversity at all levels, women in leadership positions, breaking the glass walls and ceiling sideways and upwards via mentorship and coaching are critical for any organization to stay competitive in the global market place. All of these programs are measurable, actionable and raise the organizations ability to attract quality individuals who are highly engaged.  Maureen has achieved the highest engagements scores in her former roles with prior companies.


Her background includes working with global risk / information technology, worldwide digital media / marketing, and banking & manufacturing firms. Her partners have strong backgrounds in Wall Street investment banking,  experience in consulting in Global organizations based in NY and London, private equity firms via consulting engagements and senior sales executives.


Maureen holds a Business Degree & HR Management Certification from New York University



(212) 472-4435

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