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Start-Up Venture Companies

Services Include:

  • Add on over time benefits as you grow your company and employee base

  • Thoroughly analyze what benefits you currently have to ensure you are not paying for extra fees

  • Add to your bottom line as you scale your business through benefit add ons via cost control to maximize savings and drive the dollars need to retain top performers by enriching your benefit programs over time.

Established Companies

Services Include:

  • Full audit of 401K plans to ensure minimize fee payments and cost savings to company’s bottom liner

  • Full analysis of current medical plan and introduce options to control costs of include benefit add on for same costs or very limited costs

  • Present cost comparisons on Dental Plans

  • Vision Plan analysis

  • Discounts for comprehensive external coverage’s such as home, auto and long term care insurance bundles

Executive / Top Revenue Producing Performance Incentives

Services Include:

  • Explore options on ways to creatively incent individuals who are business critical to the success of your organization

All Levels

Services Include:

  • Planning for immediate, near future and long term financial planning through misc lunch and learns year round to promote further engagement in their personal financial plans to include:

  • Monthly promotion of the importance of joining the 401K plan

  • Bundled personal savings for established employees whether a startup company or established:

  • Long Term Care Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Apartment Insurance

  • Individual Meetings for financial planning for the future goals most employees have:

  • New Home Purchase

  • Children’s college savings programs

  • New car purchase

  • Paying yourself through routine savings and the importance of payroll deductions



Aligned with two well known, respected organizations who are cost conscious and

triple A rated organizations to assist in all

audits and offerings. 

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